Evening of Inspiration 2007 Final – London



  1. Mariam said,

    what a finale to an amazing tour!

  2. ridhwan said,


  3. Almas said,

    i saw this liveeeeeeeee!!! n lemme tell ya it was amazingg!!!

  4. tugba said,

    wow mashallah …oh my heart! may ALLAH bless them all! amazing!! why i luv isam—you can get the answer if you watch thisssss

  5. Muslim Power said,

    This is one of the most beautifulest things Ive seen in so long…. im nearly speechless… subhanallah, masha’ allah!!!!
    man what a medley… if only the ummah could stand united like that…. Big Ups 2 ll of man, they really shined!! and u gotta giv it up 4 lenny!! masha’ allah…. what a great great performance!

    badree… can i PLEASE have the script to embed this into other pages… PLEASE!

  6. nouzha said,

    machallah machallah machallah allaho akbar from algerian sister
    fantastic festival. If only I was there
    please I want to download it but I don’t know from where

  7. amina said,

    salam alikom
    i’m amina from algeria. what a beautiful unity between humans. thank you so much and i love you fi ellah.
    ellah bless you all.

  8. meriem said,

    i love you all of you . i’ve never seen such a festival. thank you from the buttom of my heart.
    may ellah guide us all to the right road.
    meriem from algeria.

  9. Awayclose said,

    u can download the video now by going to LIVE section.

  10. nouzha said,

    may allah bless you
    thank you

  11. meriem said,

    salam alikom i want to download the interview of islam channel with all the monshideen (outlandish and the other) please help me to download it

  12. Awayclose said,

    u can find the information about how to download videos under LIVE section.

  13. sarika said,

    watching it now, i can’t believe i was there to witness such a beautiful event mashallah!!! i actually got to meet outlandish backstage after the show and they were relly nice, especially Lenny who was just so sweet and is now officially my favourite member!!

  14. naeema said,

    did u see the event in london?

  15. Hina said,

    I love the lion king “circle of life” group, and of course outlandish..but sorry Isam looked a but KKK

  16. sweety said,

    MASHALLAH!!!!!:D Om my god!!:D:D

  17. farhana hussain said,

    Mo Amer cracks me up!! His contribution at the end of the finale was just hilarious. I agree Hina Isam, though at other times looks great in his djellaba’s, did look a bit KKK that night…

  18. mariyah said,

    omg isaam lookes fit as usual i went to bradford and outlandish rocked!

  19. naeema said,

    mo amer is so funny! lol!!
    i see wat u mean hina.

  20. naeema said,

    . . . about isam, so true.

  21. Rukayah said,

    I really loved the finale.. except… well… what can i say… isam.. what was up with that! I really love Isam’s voice.. but there was just sumthing up with it at his part… the faulty mic thing didn’t help either.. but even so.. Outlandish are still amazing!

  22. sima said,

    i love it!!!!!! mo amer is soooooooooo funny!!!! i realy love Isams voice it is sooooo nice…nywayz Lenny is so cool, outlandish have a great fashion sence as in the way they dress………..i luv them….they rule. and obviously Zain Bhikha was good aswell.they all were, i really enjoyed it!!

  23. outlandmad said,

    they where great. I was there, they sany just me, i’ve seen, achia, and i cant remeber the rest cause it was some time ago. i have tryin to invite them to my school but its pretty hard since there so well know. but i still have faith. slam to my bros.

  24. outlandmad said,

    some of the comments above are slightly annoying. no offence. but it really annoys me when people look at outland and start screaming or saying and i qoute (i was at the concert) “lenny, isam, oh my god WAQAS THEY ARE SO CUTE. OH MY GOD LENNY JUST SPOKE TO ME. Gues what he really didn’t directly speak to her. Cause everyone was asking him for photos and he said no photos please. Serouisly how sad sisters. Imagine wat they thought of u. U guys need to watch their FIRST EVER interview on islam channel where they talk about how they like people enjoying themself but dont want the screaming (but they said it in a much nicer way). Sisters we all know outlandish are great BUT GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF. OH PLEASE DONT PICK FAVS. THEY ARE ALL GREAT. ONE MORE THING, ISAM LOOKED GREAT IN HIS TRADITIONAL CLOTHES MUCH BETTER THAN HIM WEARING JEANS AND A CALVIN KLEIN SHIRT. U LOOKED GREAT ALL OF U. SALAM

  25. outlandish_rule4eva said,

    omg!!some people!!not 2 b RUDE but isam looked nice as usual nywayz its yor opinion..i think isam alwayz dresses good n he looked gr8 in his traditionall clothez.
    n i lyk waqases wite shoes…nice nywayz i luved da concert..every1 waz gr8..salaamz

  26. outlandish_rule4eva said,

    wat a nice way 2 end da event..bless nywayz some people say dat isam looked a bit kkkk der wrong!!! isam looked good lookin as alwayz nywayz dats my opinion..big up 4 outlandish day rule!!!!! p.s pleaz come 2 london again ppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeez…..does waqas have only 1 child -son? i jus wanna now da truth som1 pleaz tell me ….bless…peace

  27. Awayclose said,

    he has one son and one daughter. his daughter was born 7 months ago.

  28. outlandish_rule4eva said,

    we see bro fanx 4 da reply…may allah blessu!!!!!!!

  29. outlandish_rule4eva said,

    dat waz a gr8 final 2 end da lovely concert..i jus cant stop watchin it lolz.nywayz hope day all come 2 london again soon..peace n keep da strong faith.

  30. mvztyn said,

    Perfect Perfect Perfect
    İ wish i saw them ,i was be there 😦

  31. nadiyaa said,

    isamm..ma 3andi man tsalek!! magribi 100%..jallaba e tout!!! waww!

  32. aysenel said,


  33. sadik29 said,

    wow amazing god bless u all of u

    outlandmoro 4 life

  34. samra said,

    i love the evening in inspiration wish i was there
    may allah (SAT) bless outlandish and make them suceed in the future.

  35. simo said,

    this is what we can call real islam not this one what we see in the east

  36. noota-o0oshen said,


  37. QuidowewDooke said,

    Nice site keep it up!


  38. noota-o0oshen said,


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  40. namia said,

    btw who’s isam hugging at the end? whoever it is seems like he doesnt wanna let go of isam lol.

  41. habibe said,

    muhteşem bi organize…..

  42. nilgün said,

    super organization

  43. tuba said,

    mashallah this is a perfect concert inshallah this is done in turkey in the future 🙂

  44. Aleksandra said,

    It was very , very, very funny 😀

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