Isam B – Go’ Morgen Danmark – 19.09.2007 (Danish)



  1. snulla said,

    why didn’t i watch this on tv =(….awww talking about his wifeee ;D!
    i was there at the train station few weeks ago ;O

  2. AISHA said,

    but we need a translation please!!!!
    we NEED to know what he says!!!!

  3. celestina said,

    pls some one translate it!!!!! pls pls pls pls pls

    peace 🙂

  4. tugce said,

    hey to everyone here
    is there anybody who has contact to yusuf othman ?
    he is danish he could translate it for us and we would know what they talking about
    i can understand few words because i am german but that make no sense

  5. neena said,

    translate, please?

  6. AISHA said,

  7. Almas said,

    aww of course im not bored of isam heheh

    but i do miss seeing lenny n waqas uno:(

    feels like i havent heard from them in aaaages or seen them


  8. Yasmin said,

    d d danish is really gtin on ma nerves so aint gna watch d hole ting wen i dnt even understnd jus tink he smakd it again wid his lookz bt i find he’s bein selfish wid his solo career n i cnt believe he chatd bout his wife on danish tv n not on islam channel dares sumtin bout him i dnt like no more datz me anyway n i’m tinkin his wife aint moroccan probably dat gyal outside d cafe wid him in copenhagen. luv outlandish as 1 datz hw dey ment 2 b

  9. Aicha said,

    He is danish,lived there all his life,released a danish album,its on danish tv,in wich language u think he should speak? lol
    maybe on danish tv,to the danes,speaking about a danish album he should speak japanese

    this album is a danish solo project not a world album i think….

  10. Halz said,

    i need da album, its nt out inda uk!! gee! I RELI NEED TRANSLATION OF DIS! I NEED HIS ALBUM!! wer cn i get it in UK?

  11. Zulkifli said,

    Salaam ,

    May i know how can i get my hand on this album,i am from Singapore,in Asia.

    Pls i want to buy thru downloads,not the physical cd..


  12. Awayclose said,

  13. Zulkifli said,


    Thanks for the links,,but I HAVE NO IDEA where to click..or how to proceed..

  14. Zulkifli said,


    Just for your info,i cna buy thru itune,my country is not supported

  15. Aras said,

    Ofcuz he talks about his wife when she was the main insperation of the song, which they are talking about in tv

    And did you ever think about that there may be a good reason why he dont want to talk about her on islam channel? Maybe becuz some of the viewers are a bit more …. fanatic so to speak. He can talk about his wife in Denmark and still live in peace, but when he does it infront on the whole sabfangroup, people attempt to tear apart every little thing about his personal life – I understand him completely

  16. Halz said,

    totally wiv you ARAS, he must reli luv his wife!! aww bless!!! lol

  17. Halz said,

    i reckon his wifes a white revert-NOT from morrocan bckground or ny of dat sort. hmm…no wonder he mentions ‘light skin…shes a muslim…’ in outlandish song ‘love joint’ wt yall tink??

  18. Halz said,

    how do i download da album/songs on itunes?? where do i go??

  19. Zulkifli said,


    I finally got the album.

    I contacted the Danish Embassy in Singapore and asked for some avenues to purchase the album..

    Here it is for those who live in asia and do not want the physical CD..

  20. said,

    can someone translate please?? ohh and Yasmin did you see his wife, in copenhagen?

  21. Yasmin said,

    big apology if i affended isam ppl ……..i’m moroccan n trust me bein 4rm england u dnt c many moroccanz like isam i’m so proud 2 say i’m 4rm d same coutry as him n i gt wot u sed Aras so true i tink it woz jus jelousy….look at him man…….. n jus if ppl wantd 2 noe Isamz wife is moroccan n she dnt wear hijab not dat dare is anyting rong wid dat. allah bless him his wife n any future generations he may bring n allah bless all d outlandish fanz. once again soz

  22. PARVEEN said,

    WOOWW…You said all that “aras..” whatever your name is. How dare you say that Islam channel veiwers are NOT fanatic. Your absolutly pathetic and so are the people who gree with her. They are celebrities, Isam clearly wanted to talk about his wife on Islam channel but lenny stopped him. You keep your life private if you want, like Lenny. But Isam clearly wanted to talk. Hes by himself here so he will talk about her, clearly he loves her very much , MASHA’ALLAH.
    People who want to be fanatic will see this interview regardless, you implying that only fanatics see Islam channel was very unintelligent on your part.

  23. iman said,

    please someone translate these vids, i wanna understand 😦
    GOD bless you all

  24. sophia said,

    elsker Isam! ❤

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