Outlandish on Clement Fredag til Fredag – DR2



  1. Anca said,

    Man 😦 What a pity that I can’t understand Danish :(( Can any Danish fan do anything in this regard??? Pleeeeeease!!! We’d really like to know what the guys say here.,…I’m sure it must be something interesting….

  2. Amina said,

    Well, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! Nice one xD Always so funny.
    Does anybody have the clip after the show. It’s the questiooooonS!!


    • Awayclose said,

      Amina: I have the full show, but Outlandish doesn’t appear in any other moment of the show.

  3. yasemin said,

    just the translaton please if possible!? =)

  4. Amina said,

    Awayclose: Do you have the clip after Outlandish were out of the show?
    You know, where they sat ready with papers and everything?
    Something exiting happened there.
    Thanks in advance


  5. Amina said,

    Oh Sorry! Awayclose:) I didn’t concentrate about what you wrote.
    Are you sure? Cause they sat ready with papers, to write ehm…some questions that many fans ask them about, and which they’re tired of answering. And the tv host said: So Outlandish. Which questions are you tired of answering all the time?
    Outlandish: We’ll tell you after you’re done.

    Don’t you have the clip there?:(

    • Awayclose said,

      Amina: since i donnow any Danish, i only know that OL didnt appear in any part of the show. but i dont know what happened to those question. you can watch the whole show here:
      if u find out something, please share with us. πŸ™‚

      Take Care…

  6. fuzz said,

    omg i dont get this at all, cant any of the interviews be done in english!

  7. Amina said,

    Thanks a lot Awayclose:)
    But no. There’s nothing.
    Otherwives, It’ll be a pleasure to share it with you guys. Cause I think it’ll affect us all

    Take Care


  8. Divya said,

    They keep on mentionin Bollywood I’d soo love to know what they’re talkin bout!

  9. Louise said,

    The very short version is that they claim that Waqas is “very Bollywood”, Isam is their “creative director”, they used to sing Boys II Men songs in a park in a Copenhagen suburb when they were very young (Lenny claims he had just arrived and didn’t know what they were doing, Isam excuses himself by saying he was only 14, and Waqas tries to pretend it was considered very manly back then), they always knew they’d be famous one day and they threatened to send Lenny back to Cuba if they didn’t succeed. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry I don’t feel Danish enough anymore to be able to translate everything literally, too many local cultural references and jokes!

    • sarah said,

      thank you..
      you did your best πŸ™‚

  10. xashira said,

    IF someone would be nice enough to just give just the danish text of the interview… we could just go to some translation site and translate it ourselves and get a better idea of whats going on in the interview.

  11. Nizam said,

    need subtitles in English πŸ™‚ can any Danish fan translate this thing..

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