Outlandish on DR1’s Boogie Update



  1. jugador del bisbalenc cadet b said,


  2. jugador del bisbalenc cadet b said,

    isam cuando vas a venir hacer un concierto en Barcelona

  3. Amina said,

    WoW! Sometime I just wanna cry about that story.
    I think that the album ‘Sound of a Rebel’ has a very valubale story behind it.
    I mean their album is telling us about their releationship and every single word in their new songs too.
    Much Respect for you Outlandish!! Wallah You deserve it.

    Outlandish er de bedsteeee!!


  4. Missy said,

    I Didn’t undertsand a word of dat/…..but Isam luks nyyyccccc:D

    Can sum1 plz translate πŸ™‚

  5. yasemin said,

    I don’t really understand something what they talkin’ about?
    =)hehe it would be great if I could Dansk too! well, cannot so could ya translate it sis Amina please on ma myspace bitte;) Thanks in advance!=)

    Stay blesSed yall:)

  6. babian said,

    please translation

  7. fuzz said,

    what is going on?????????????????????????????

  8. Amina said,

    Hey Yasemin =D
    I’ll write the translation here, so everyone can read it=)

    What they were talking about was:

    They made 30 tracks which they chose to scrap. And was it bad tracks, no it wasn’t. There were nothing wrong about these tracks, but something wrong with Outlandish. Something between them wasn’t right. And they decided to talk about it, cause each of them knew that something was wrong with all three of them. And if their music had to be honest from their heart, they had to be honest with each other first.
    They are very relieved that they started over new. And something like that can happen when you espeacilly have been in a group in such a long time. Their music have always been representing their everyday.
    Why they haven’t talked about this, is because when they performe in front of thousands of people, there isn’t really time to take something like that up. You just have to go straight out and continue the work. And while making this album, they realized that this can’t keep going on like this.
    And it was worth it to take this up. You know, like what the hell have they been doing?
    As you say: “Buisness and pleasure”. That’s something you shouldn’t mix.
    And they were talking about that they didn’t visit Isam, when he became a father. Then Isam jockes by saying: “Yeah. I’ve taking my revenge by giving Lenny a blue eye.”
    Hahahaha!! =D
    They also talked about the title of the album. Sound of a Rebel means, rebel against the way they keep things on.
    And that time when Isam sang about old Danish songs and that it created debate. But it wasn’t really Outlandish that created the debates, but more that how people looked at them. How their view of Outlandish is.
    Outlandish have their roots in HipHop and how it inspired them, was that people sang about their everyday and their envoirment etc.
    And it all just affect them and their releationship. Also they are all married and Isam and Waqas have kids, and that fills a part in your life. They see their songs as a dairy.
    Also the song “Always remember” is about travelling away from home, and how it still affect the releationship at home
    The message in that album is that they fill their common time with each other and their really valubale releationship.

    Thanks to Outlandish


  9. yasemin said,

    Thank you very muuuch Dear SiS=)

    Now, we understand what they talked about. hehe thanks againn;)
    Our Translator πŸ˜€

    “Stay BleSsed Queen!”

  10. Awayclose said,

    thanx so much Amina.

  11. Amina said,

    You are all welcome anytime =D
    Big supporters and fans like you guys, deserve to know what Outlandish are talking about.
    Anytime πŸ˜‰ Remember


  12. Divya said,

    Thanksss a lot for the transalation Amina x

  13. Aisha Naz said,

    BIG BIG Thanx Amina,
    Allah bless u..

  14. Nizam said,

    English please

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