Outlandish @ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?



  1. xashira said,

    definately going to need subtitles for this…. i know we’re annoying when we ask for subtitles… but also very appreciative when we get them. =)

  2. saira said,

    Definately need SUBTITLES!!!

  3. Sara said,

    I agree with xashira..
    pleeeeease subtitle it 😀

  4. tehreem said,

    please can we get SUBTITLES !!!!

  5. hashem said,

    i will translate some of it .. i do not speak Danisk nor that I understand all of it but it is somehow close to Norwegian so the translation is not that accurate.. anyway here is a glimpse of what it is.
    anchor: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome Outlandish.
    Welcome here as the third competitors for the evening, Isam Wagas and lenny.
    (He comments on how cool the haircut of lenny is…)
    Lenny: …….. Isam actually had the same haircut earlier ….
    Isam: …….. We are nervous because we are taking part of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
    Isam: ….. We are so and so prepared for the competition.
    Lenny: .. There are somethings we are good at and other things we are not so good at.
    Anchor: But you are going to help Lenny? … (audience laughing)
    Lenny: Yes sure, that is why I am sitting in the middle!
    Isam: … (not very sure about what said but I think this is what he said) He (Lenny) is only here because he was the driver.! (audience laughing)
    Waqas: I think we will manage it (the competition well).
    (I do not get the part after that very well though). ………
    Anchor: Who are you donating the money to tonight?
    Isam: ……….. to some Danish organization called the Danish d… ……………. and this organization will then help as many as possible with that money.
    Lenny and Isam: It depends on how much we win tonight. Lenny says that the money can be used to develop somewhere in Africa.
    Anchor: We hope that you win the whole million crones.
    It is 15 questions.. (interrupted)
    Isam: Only 5 !!!!! (audience laughing).
    Anchor: only 15 questions.. it is a must, you could call a friend or ask for the delete-two wrong-answers or get the audience’s questionnaire’s answer. Are you ready?
    Outlandish: Yes
    Anchor: (To Isam) have you become less nervous now?
    Isam: No
    Anchor: Ok, Let’s start! (music)
    Anchor: Now we are starting with the first question for a thousand crones. “What should the cyclist do before turning? A: Moving his arm B: Moving his leg C: Blinking with his eye. D: Nodding with his head.
    Isam: We choose A.
    Waqas: Yes.
    Anchor: Now you have won a thousand crones.
    Anchor: Now to win two thousand crones. How many money notes are there in the Danish currency system? A. Three B. Five C. Seven D. Nine
    Lenny: Five, the 50 crones note, the 100, 200, 500 and the ten hundred crones note.
    Waqas: Mhmm yes.
    Isam: Is not it more?!
    Lenny: I am the finance minister!
    Isam: (to lenny) oh.. yes. you are the finance minister and you (to Waqas) are the culture minister. so I go with what the finance minister says.
    Anchor: Correct answer.
    Anchor: Outlandish’s finance minister Lenny answered the last question, let the other two now answer this question.
    What does one have if one has a lot of charisma? A. Sense of Humour. B. Experience C. Emissivity (Shining) D. Instantaneous.
    Waqas: We go with C.
    Lenny: Look here, (pointing at the anchor), he has got it (the charisma).
    Anchor: Thanks a lot.
    You go with C, then it is three thousand crones.
    Anchor: Question number four. In which of these countries is the Best football team called the Bundesligen (meaning federal league)? A. Netherland. B. Germany. C. Norway D. Sweden.
    Waqas: Since I am the Sports’ Expert then I say Germany.
    Lenny: Yes you get to answer that….. as long as you are correct!.
    Anchor: The culture minister’s answer is Germany and it is correct it is Germany. You have won four thousand crones.

    Anchor: The fifth question, where if answered you behold the sum of five thousand crones and never lose them. What kind of animal is a condor? A. Lynx. (Bigger wild cats). B. Vulture. C. Monkey. D. Snake.
    Waqas: el kondor pasa!
    Isam: Lenny is a latin american and there is a song for children called el kondor pasa there. Sing it to remember.
    Waqas: (singing) el knodooor pasaaa.
    Lenny: It is enough. (pointing at Waqas).
    Waqas: We choose B. a vulture.
    Anchor: The culture minister chooses B. a vulture and it is right.
    ……….. I will try to sum up the rest I got tired from translation and it is taking enormous time and longer time than i expected so….
    anchor: what of the next colors is not in the traditional Superman costume? A. Red B. Blue C. Yellow D. Green.
    Lenny: Waqas has read all the series of Superman.
    Waqas: D ..
    Anchor: It is correct. Next question .. What is the name of the Tivoli’s amusement park which opened in 2009? A. Volcano. B. Tornado. C. Vertigo. D. Rapido
    Outlandish is doubting between Vertigo and Rapido they ask the audience.
    the audience gives the highest percentage for Vertigo . Outlandish chooses vertigo saying that they trust the audience.
    Anchor: It is correct.
    The episode ends with Outlandish having 12000 crones.
    Anchor: Who composed “a little night song”? A. Bach. B. Beethoven. C. Haydn. D. Mozart.
    Outlandish says that do not have a clue .. though lenny is thinking Bach while Isam wants to use the delete-two-wrong-answers option and then they change their mind and want instead to call Isam’s neighbor. Who is an artist “and a creative woman” .. they call her.. she says that she thinks it is Bach ..
    Isam again tries to use the delete-two-wrong-answers option because the woman was not very sure. but they change their mind again and say that they would risk it and go for it without using that third option left.
    They choose the A answer and it is wrong and they end up with only five thousand crones (which is about a thousand american dollars)
    Anchor: They deserve and applause .. (audience applauding)..
    The End

  6. hashem said,

    again it is not very accurate. let a Dane check it and re-post it with the accurate translation.

  7. J@S said,

    THAAAAAAAAANX!!! thanx a lot!!!!!! we really appreciate it!!!! thanx!!!!!

  8. zizou"elmoro4life" said,

    Thk yu so much dear for translation …..:)

  9. Rumi said,

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH…..!!!!!!!!!!

  10. suy said,

    omg guys the ask was very easy im from germany and in germany can sombody thies ask replay.
    omg i´m so sad
    inshallah will in it
    next time sümeyye

  11. arezou said,

    they are so funny 🙂 thatnx for the translate

  12. salma said,

    thx man
    yaaa they r funny love lenny …so cut ❤

  13. raida shuaib said,


  14. hashem said,

    Thanks to the thankful people .. about Raida! what do you mean let the language in English?

  15. TM-IR said,

    thx Bro Badree for video 🙂
    and thx Hashem for translatin’ 🙂

  16. outlandmoro said,

    hey i know u said that u wudn’t be updating the website anymore, but hopefully u get this. i cant play the video cuz it says that its “private content”. can u plz fix that so i can watch it?? that goes for some of the other vidoes too. thnx sooo much 🙂

    • Awayclose said,

      thanks for informing, all of them are fixed now. enjoy.

  17. muhammed said,

    they are sooooo funny
    u should learn dainsh they are halarious and the translation given by someone was pretty much correct!

  18. muhammed said,

    however, there were some mistakes
    you know english is similar to danish and i had no idea that norwegian was similar to danish
    hey you learn new things everyday 🙂


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